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Pronounced like Sizzle – SISEL is an acronym for: Science - Innovation - Success - Energy and Longevity.

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The Wellness Products Industry is where you need to be to create wealth and to build a strong long-term lifetime monthly residual income. Why? - The Healthcare Industry is the biggest Industry on the planet, employing more people and creating more revenue than any other Industry in the world.

We are in the midst of a Global Healthcare Crises, which has been brought about by the lack of patient education on preventive healthcare, and the reliance by healthcare professionals on prescription medication that is laden with dangerous and harmful side-effects, to treat illness and diseases. The sad fact about this approach to healthcare: Over 100,000 people die every year taking prescription medication - as prescribed by their doctors.

The growing movement towards preventive healthcare and the pursuit of natural alternatives to prescription medication are the driving factors behind the explosive growth of the Multi-Billion Dollar Wellness Products Industry, which is on track to grow into the next Trillion-Dollar Industry.

The biggest money ever made in the MLM Industry has always been made with companies that market wellness products. But therein lies yet another big problem – the “wellness products” offered through MLM companies (and even through the traditional nutritional stores) have fallen far short of delivering on their big promises. This has led to the coining of the term: “Lotions and Potions” to describe the “wellness products” marketed through MLM companies, and it is why so many folks have become “Turned Off” to MLM companies that hype useless wellness products.

You are about to discover a Game-Changing Company that manufactures the most scientifically advanced products that the world has never before seen - for wellness, weight loss and age- reversal - unique, exclusive & patented products that have won awards and recognition for their formulators.

Products that deliver truly amazing results that were never before possible with any other “wellness products”. You will learn about the remarkable company behind these game- changing products, and how and why SISEL’s products are vastly superior to the competition.

You will also learn all about the most lucrative compensation plan in MLM Industry history.

Over 99% of the people in the world have never heard of SISEL International, despite the fact that it began its ninth year of business in 2015. This has set the stage for the biggest Ground- Floor Opportunity ever in the MLM Industry – backed by a Landmark Company with the most solid foundation, the largest infrastructure and the strongest capitalization of any company the MLM Industry has ever seen – with the best products ever in the Wellness Products Industry and the best-paying comp plan. This is why it is being called: The Perfect Storm Opportunity.


SISEL International Opportunity is poised to establish a New Record for Wealth Creation in MLM!

The Largest & Most Advanced Company Infrastructure of all time in the MLM Industry.

SISEL International was launched in 2006 on the Largest Scale of any MLM Company - with a Massive 100% Owned State-Of-The-Art 440,000 Square Foot Manufacturing Facility.


In an Industry where over 99% of the companies don’t even have their own manufacturing plant – SISEL’s state of the art manufacturing plant has set a new record for the largest infrastructure ever in the MLM Industry. It is one of the largest manufacturing facilities of its kind in the world.

Take the Inaugural Online Tour of SISEL’s Industry-Leading World Class Manufacturing Plant – See the the SISEL’s Landmark Manufacturing Facility - SupraNaturals: - Click on this link: 

The Most Experienced & Successful Business Leader in the Industry - Tom Mower

Tom Mower’s expertise as a Biochemist encompassing over 30 years of formulating the best in class products, along with his expertise in sales, marketing and business development has made him the most uniquely qualified CEO in the Wellness Products Industry. His first MLM Company - Neways International - grew into the 5th largest MLM Company in history before it was sold as part of a divorce settlement. The sale of Nuways set the stage for Tom Mower to realize the culmination of his career - the founding of a new MLM Company unlike anything the Industry has ever seen - with the most advanced manufacturing plant, the most exceptional and best performing products, and the most lucrative comp plan in the Industry. These factors have positioned SISEL Intl. to grow into the largest & most successful Company in the MLM Industry.

The Most Debt-Free MLM Company of All Time in the History of the MLM Industry. SISEL International’s 250 Million Dollar Infrastructure is wholly owned by SISEL - with Zero Debt.

SISEL's entire massive facility was paid for in cash with the personal funds of its Founder and Chief Scientific Officer – Biochemist Extraordinaire and MLM Industry Icon: Tom Mower.

The Best & Strongest Capitalization of Any Company ever in MLM Industry History.

In addition to making an exclusive line of over 250 of the World's Finest Products for Health & Wellness - SISEL International was the first and is the only MLM Company ever to manufacture products for many other companies including other MLM companies, and even huge companies such as Walmart, Target and Costco.


This generates Millions of Dollars each month in added revenue for SISEL International and funds the strongest capitalization of any company in the Industry. Good Capitalization is the single most essential factor to the viability, success and the long-term survival of any company.

In this most vital area SISEL blows away the competition!

The Best and Most Scientifically Advanced Research & Development Staff in the Industry - led by an Award-Winning Product Development Leadership Team. 

SISEL's Remarkable Products are Exceptional, Exclusive, Patented Formulations from the Genius of Tom Mower Sr. and Tom Mower Jr., and backed by the largest full-time staff of PhD Scientists in the Industry.

To learn more about SISEL’s Award-Winning Product Developers: – Click on this link:

Becoming a part of the SISEL International Opportunity at this point in the Company’s Growth, where it has established the strongest Foundation of any MLM Company in the history of the Industry, and where through its Concentration Phase it has introduced one new sensational cutting-edge product after another and another, and to where it is now entering into the beginning of the most dynamic phase of its growth – Momentum – can be compared to buying stock in Apple when it was a fledgling company. No other MLM opportunity can offer you such
a Huge Return on the investment of your time & efforts!

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